Unit 2 Review Guide


Unit 2 Review Guide


  1. Organelles – matching section
    1. Word list with definitions below
  2. Transport – know difference between passive and active transport --- Know examples of each
  3. Know these terms:  hydrophilic; hydrophobic; semi-permeable/selectively permeable; hypotonic; hypertonic; isotonic
  4. Mitosis
    1. Be able to determine the different phases by looking at diagrams
    2. Determine which phase is being described


  1. Short Answer – Problem solving:
  • Example 

A cell that is 9% glucose and 15% albumin is suspended in a solution that is 12% glucose and 8% albumin.  All substances mentioned are permeable through the cell membrane and pass through by passive transport.  Using the choices:  (A) Enters the cell, (B) Leaves the cell, or (C) Does Not Move, please tell how each of the following will move in this solution.

{You may want to draw out a picture to help you solve this problem}


  1.  Glucose  _____________________________________
  2.  Albumin  ____________________________________
  3.  Water  _______________________________________
  4.  Is this solution hypertonic, hypotonic or isotonic?  _____________________________ (hint:  what is the water doing?)

6.  Know reasons why a cell divides

7.  Know major elements that make up living things  (CHO, CHO, CHONS)