Unit 3 Part 1 Review Guide


Review Guide:  Bones Part One


  1. Terminology -  osteoclasts, osteoblasts
  2. Endochondrial Ossification.

a.  Know how a bone forms from cartilage

b.  Know where primary and secondary ossification centers are located.

c.  Know what the epiphyseal plate is


  1. Know 3 major factors affecting bone growth
    1. Terms - Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Hypertrophy, Atrophy, Growth Hormone, Gigantism, Dwarfism
  2. Be able to label the parts of a Haversian System from a diagram.
    1. Know the four major parts and functions of a Haversian system
  3. Know the 5 major functions of the skeletal system
  4. Be able to describe how to tell the difference between a male and female skeleton.
  5. Know the five different kinds of bones and examples of each
  6. Structure of a long bone:
    1. Be able to label a diagram for the following parts and know the function of each:  Diaphysis, Epiphyses, Medullary Cavity, Periosteum, Endosteum, Yellow Marrow, Red Marrow, Spongy Bone, Compact Bone, Articular Cartilage
  7. Know the function and location of Red and Yellow Marrow in the human body.
  8. Know the 3 different types of blood cells that can be made by red marrow (both common name and scientific name)
  9. Know a couple of bone marrow diseases, cures and treatments.
  10. Depressions and Projections (know definition and major area where one is found)

a.  Foramen, fossa, sulcus, meatus, fissure, sinus

b.  Condyle, tuberosity, tubercle, trochanter, head, crest, spine