Unit 4 Part 1 Review Guide


Review Sheet --- Unit 4 Part 1 – Muscular System!


  1. How much of your body weight is made up of muscle?
  2. Movement occurs when muscles ______________.
  3. Name 3 types of muscle tissue.  How do they differ from one another?
  4. Origin, Insertion, Body, Tendons
  5. What are slow twitch muscles?
  6. What are fast twitch muscles?
  7. What is a Sarcomere?
  8. What is the major function of skeletal muscles?
    1. Words to know ->  Prime Mover, Synergist, Antagonist
  9. What are two secondary functions of skeletal muscle?
  10. What are nerves that stimulate muscles called?
  11. How does a motor unit stimulate the muscle?  What are the parts of a motor unit?  (Use your color sheet to answer these questions).
  12. What does threshold stimulus mean?
  13. Explain the “All or None” principle.
  14. Contraction terms ->  Twitch, Tetanic, Isotonic, Isometric
  15. What two systems most affect how the muscular system works?
  16. What diseases can be caused by nervous system disorders?
  17. What diseases can be caused by skeletal system disorders?
  18. What is Fatigue?  How is it caused? 
  19. How is aerobic respiration better than anaerobic respiration?
  20. How much ATP is made from aerobic respiration? Anaerobic?  Why can building lactic acid be good for the body?
  21. Why is oxygen debt (labored breathing) necessary?
  22. Exercise affects on Muscles:  Terms to know ->  Disuse atrophy, hypertrophy, strength training, endurance (aerobic training).
  23. Movement terms caused by contractions ->  Flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, rotation, supination, pronation, dorsiflexion, plantar flexion