Unit 5 Part 3 Review Guide

Unit 5 Part 3 -- Eye TestReview Guide 
  1. What are the special sense organs?
  2. Outer “tunic” or layer of the eye?  Function?
  3. Middle “tunic” or layer of the eye?  What are the two major muscles associated with this layer?  What are the functions of these two muscles?
  4. Innermost “tunic” of the eye?  What are photoreceptors?  What are the two major photoreceptors?  What is the function of each?  What are the 3 major colors of cones?
  5. Be able to label a picture of the eye:  Cornea, Suspensory ligaments (not labeled), Sclera, Pupil (not labeled), Iris, Aqueous Humor, Lens, Choroid, Retina, Optic Nerve, Vitreous Humor, Ciliary Muscles (not labeled)
  1. Know the function of each of the eye parts.
  2. Why can a cat see better than a human at night?
  3. Eye Problems and terms:  Accommodation, Accommodation pupillary reflex, Astigmatism, Cataract, Convergence, Emmetropia, Glaucoma, Hyperopia, Myopia, Night blindness, Photopupillary reflex, Refraction
  4. Other Eye Terms to know:  Convex, concave, Canal of Schlemm, Lacrimal gland
  5. What does the lens do to see; (1) far objects and (2) near objects.