EMAS Classroom Policies

Classroom Policies


I.                   Behavior Procedures

a.      Respect to the teacher and other students is expected at all times.

b.      Do what’s right

c.       Do it the best you can

d.      Treat others the way you want to be treated


II.                Materials

a.      Notebook, Pencil, Pen, Folder

b.      Bring your netbook every day issued by the school or your own media device (I will not allow a phone to replace a netbook)

c.       Anything else that you need to bring to class will be announced by your teacher at least one day beforehand.


III.             Grading Scale

a.      90-100 = A

b.      80-89 = B

c.       70-79 = C

d.      60-69 = D

e.       <60 = EER (extra effort required)

·         50% of grade is from Exams / Quizzes

·         20% of grade is from Assignments / Online Assignments

·         20% of grade is from Labs / Online Labs

·         10% of grade is from Projects / Writings / Summaries

IV.              Assignments/Homework

  • Assignments received on day that they are due will receive total points earned.

·         1 day late = 80% total points earned

·         2 days late = 60% total points earned

·         3 days late = 50% total points earned

·         4 days late =  See the Teacher

V.                 Getting in trouble – Should never happen and I do not expect it to happen!!!!!

a. See your handbook

VI.              Attendance

a.      3 consecutive days missing  --- call to parent(s) or guardian(s)

b.      More than 5 total semester absences  --- students must attend make-up school for each attendance missed beyond five days

c.       Tardy --- go to Tardy Sweep room, if you are not in your assigned seat when the bell rings   

d.      35 Minute rule --- no one leaves the room or asks to leave the room for the first thirty-five minutes of class

                                                              i.      I will rarely let students leave the classroom except in emergency cases only, but if you do leave you will need ID and student planner

VII.           Visiting the Counselors

a.      Schedule a meeting with the counselors during your free time, no one will be allowed to leave the room to speak with a counselor without a scheduled meeting

b.      When a meeting is set up, the counselor will send for the student


VIII.        Make-Up School

a.      Designed to make up seat time missed by the student for time missed in class beyond 5 absences