Human Population -- China's One Child Policy

China’s One-Child Policy


1)    What two things did Mao Zedong change that led China to grow and expand?


2)    In 1970 what was China’s population? _____ How many children were each Chinese women averaging during their lifetime? _____


3)    List four different strains China’s growing population was having on the environment.


4)    In 1979, what types of incentives were given to families if they only gave birth to one child? List three.


5)    Where is the One-Child Policy mostly enforced?


6)    What has happened to the balance of male and females as a result of the policy?


7)    Do you think this policy will ever be necessary in the United States?


8)    Would you support the One-Child Policy if it was enforced in Yuma?  Why or Why not?