Non Technology Resources

Non-Technology Ideas for the Classroom


1.  Would You Rather -- class activity



2.  Scavanger Hunt


3.  Differentiated and Collaborative Instruction Strategies


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  • Collaborative Technique Cards  -- this is an awesome site made by the Illinois State Board of Education
    • Lots of different collaborative strategies to use in the classroom with directions
    • Great site!!!!!!!!!  Must see!!!!!!!
    • ie.  Stir the Room, Cube It, Fish Bowl, Round Table, Jigsaw and many others
  • ABC Brainstorming
  • Compass Buddies -- creating groups in the classroom
    • Students choose partners for each of the "directions" that are placed on the list.
    • Names of other students can only be used one time for the entire sheet unless class size is too small.
    • If you have group assignment, you just have to ask your students to take out their sheet and tell them which compass direction to look at and that is their group for the day.
  • Conversation Rountable
  • Numbered Heads Together
  • Sheltered Instruction Strategies That Actually Work for All Students:
    • Our friends at ASTG (Suzanne Kaplan & Alisa Leckie) allowed me to add this to the site.  Thank you also to Sara Tolbert for putting this together and emailing it to me.
    • Lots of great collaborative and differentiated strategies for teachers to use in the classroom
  • -- 1271 strategies for the classroom


4.  Formative Assessment -- What is it, How is it Used for teachers and students, 60 Formative Assessment Ideas

5.  15 Vocabulary Strategies in 15 Minutes


6.  Brain Boosters:  Great for fun class openers to get students thinking before class begins.


7.  "Old School" Engaging Review Classroom Games

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