Population -- Contagion Video Guide

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Contagion Film Questions
Directions: Please answer the following questions in the space provided.
1. Who is patient zero? (1pt)
2. Why did her husband not get infected? (1pt)
3. What was the role of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in the film? (2pts)
4. What part does private industry play in fighting this epidemic? (2pts)
5. What is the name of the worldwide organization that deals with the outbreak? (1pt)
6. What role did social media play in the outbreak? (2pts)
7. What were the origins of this virus? (species origins) (2pts)
8. What were the modes of transmission of this disease? (2pts)
9. Would this virus be categorized as an emerging virus? Why? (2pts)
10. How realistic do you think this film was? Explain in a well developed paragraph. (4pts)