Population - Ebola Plague Fighters Video Guide

Questions for NOVA video - “The Plague Fighters”

Answers only in your notebooks please.


1.         What is the first priority of the doctors?


2.         What finally stopped the first Ebola outbreak in Zaire?


3.         Where in Kikwit did the 1995 epidemic begin?


4.         Who (what profession) were most of the first victims of the outbreak?


5.         How is the Ebola virus different from HIV?   Where has the Ebola virus been found? 


6.         Describe some of the symptoms of Ebola.


7.         How did the workers in Marburg, Germany become infected?


8.         What animal became infected in the Reston (US) Ebola outbreak?  What could this strain of the Ebola virus do that other strains have not done?


9.         What cultural factors affected the Ebola outbreak in Zaire?


10.       Why was educating the community difficult?


11.       Most scientists believe Ebola’s natural form is _____________


12.       What is the significance of “patient zero”? 


13.       What fraction of Ebola patients survived during this outbreak?


14.              Why did the doctors want to transfuse the sick nurse with the blood of Ebola survivors (be specific)?  Why were the foreign doctors against this treatment?


15.       Why can’t the scientists say conclusively that the transfusions “cured” the patients?