Technology / Online Resources

Technology / Online Resources


Creating Online Games / Review / Quizzes / Exams


1.  Socrative


2.  Create an online "Who Wants to be a Millioniare" flash game

3.  Create an online "Jeopardy" flash game


4.  Create an online "Family Feud" PowerPoint Game -- Click to download template







5. -- great for diagrams, maps, review, online quizzes and games.



Online Tools for Use in the Classroom



1.  Random Name Generator -- Use to stop cold questioning in the classroom


  • To get a list of your student name:
    • Go to your Illuminate account and choose your class from your "Class Roster" on the dashboard
    • Select the excel button to bring your class up as an excel document
    • Click the enable editing button at the top
    • Select and highlight the names in column B and C, right click and copy highlighted names
    • Go to Random Name Generator website and select 'change names"
    • Delete names in generator
    • Right click and select 'paste' to enter copied names into the list
    • Hit "Go!" and your class names will start spinning

2.  Random Card Shuffler -- Use playing cards to set up group activities, assign group jobs and use the shuffler to randomly call on students during activity


  • Hand out cards at the beginning of the class -- use them to create groups (aces, twos, threes, etc)
    • If you only want groups of two or three, take out a suit or two
  • You can now set up the Random Card Puller to select only the cards and suits you handed out to students
  • Ask a question to entire class and use the random card puller to choose a card.  That is the student who will answer the question.
  • Use a Joker in the random card puller to open up a 'free for all' question that students can answer for a prize.


3.  Online Stopwatches and Timers -- Good to use for timed projects in class for class to see while working


4. -- Great tool for teachers to use to send out reminders to your students/athletes/colleagues about upcoming assignments/quizzes/exams/projects and/or events

5. -- great tool for building and using online presentations for your class

  • Directions  (Thanks to the Blue Valley Schools for providing such great instructions)


6.  Create a SubPlan from the online Generator  --  quick and easy way to make subplans and generate a printable copy


7. -- This is great for bellwork, ticket to leave quick questioning & learning scales.  You are able to create polls that are multiple choice or open ended.

8.  Puzzlemaker -- make your own online crossword you can save and print

9.  The Teacher's Corner -- able to make crosswords, word searches and worksheets online that you are able to save and print


10.  Kahoot!  Game based blended learning and classroom response system

11.  Quizlet -- Flash cards, exams, review and study games

12.  Visuwords

  • Great Online Dictionary Site

13.  Wing Clips

  • Great site to find quick movie clips to use for your classrroom presentations
  • Lucas from ASTG shared this with us!!!!

14.  Symbaloo

  • Great site to create a page to store all of your favorite links