Unit 3 Part 1B Notes -- Prominences and Depressions in Bone


  1. Bone Depressions or Cavities


  • Foramen – Opening that provides a passageway for nerves or blood vessels.

   Foramen magnum in the skull


    Transverse and Vertebral Foramen in vertebrae

  Foramen obturator in the Os Coxa (hip)


  • Fossa – Shallow depression in bone (socket).


        Glenoid Fossa (Cavity) in the Shoulder                                                           Acetabular Fossa (Acetabulum)


  • Sulcus – Groove in bone. 


         Bicipital Sulcus (Groove) in Proximal Humerus


In the picture below the tendon of the long head of biceps fits into the bicipital sulcus of the humerus


  • Meatus – Canal or tube-like passageway.


                 The Auditory Meatus or "Ear Canal"


  • Fissure – Narrow slit.


      The slits you see are the Superior Orbital Fissures in the Eye Socket


  • Sinus (Antrum) – Cavity (space) in bone.


  1. Bone Prominences


  • Condyle – Rounded knuckle-like process where bones articulate.



  • Tuberosity – Large roughened process which serves as site for muscle attachment.


  • Tubercle – Small rounded process.


  • Trochanter – Very large process on a bone.


  • Head – Portion supported by smaller part (Neck).


  • Crest – Narrow ridge of bone.  When the iliac crest is bruised, it is called a hip pointer


  • Spine – Sharp, slender process.