Unit 5 Part 1 Mad Mad Mad Neuron Lab

“Make a Mad, Mad, Mad Neuron”

Name __________________________________   Period  __________

Go to :  Mad Mad Neuron website

  • Build your own monster neural circuit
  • Define the following structures used to make your mad neuron.

Cell body








Axon terminal








Myelin sheath











 Draw and label your neural circuit



 “Crossing the Divide: How Neurons Talk to Each Other”

Go to:   http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/units/addiction/reward/neurontalk.cfm

1. How do nerves communicate with one another?


2.  What is inside a vesicle?  Give one example.


3.  What do the receptors do?


4.   Why use a second messenger?


5.  What does the second messenger do?


  1. When is the impulse terminated?



“The Other Brain Cells”

Go to:   http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/units/addiction/reward/cells.cfm


 Identify the function of the different glia (glue) cells in the brain.
















7.  How can astrocytes help defend against disease?